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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Where the heck have I been?

Hello All, so I know I've totally been MIA for at least a month now.  And for that I apologize, I really do.  But things have been pretty busy lately.  I usually try not to dip into my personal life much on this blog, but in this case I feel like you all deserve an explanation.  The past month I've seen the following:

  • Production 1.0 Releases of Several Projects at Work
  • The release of a product for an outside client, and initial support
  • The approaching end of the semester for my course.
  • The approaching arrival of baby #2, and preparing for that.
  • Health issues with members of my extended family
  • The passing of my grandmother.
Needless to say, its been a particularly busy month.  But things are calming down now, and I intend to pick right back up with my series on Azure PaaS (Platform as a service).  Now that being said, I do have to change the plan a bit.  As many of you know, there was several announcements over the past month.  The biggest being Azure App Service.  So I am going to be modifying my series to continue discussing these new offerings.  The new schedule is:
  • Azure API Apps:        5/11
  • Azure Mobile Apps:   5/18
  • Azure Logic Apps:     5/25
  • SQL Azure:                6/1
Thanks All, more to come this week.