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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Azure Talk

Just wanted to get an update out to let you know that nothings happened to me. Its amazing how little time you have when as a parent you go from a "double coverage" situation to "Man-to-man". It makes for some very long days, combined with getting up every 2 hours or so for a feeding. You know, we as parents subject ourselves to sleep deprivation, and noise assaults willingly. These are tactics being used for torturing terrorists. What are any of us thing?

So, that being said. When I do have a spare moment lately, I find myself questioning my own judgment. I have been working on a new talk, and demo relating to the App Service offerings from Azure. All of which I've worked on during my free time, and will be available via GitHub, along with the prezi.

I also wanted to take a moment to talk about the facelift this site just received. There were many enhancements made to this site, but some of the big ones are the following:

  • Facebook Page:  I've created a BigMackBytes, facebook page.  This page I have been filling with different resources that I found in my travels online that I thought might be of use to my readers.  So please check it out, it is receiving at a minimum daily updates for the past week and a half or so, and occasionally more than that.
  • Twitter / LinkedIn:  Here are my two professional social media outlets, I do regularly post links to items on my twitter account for additional resources, and LinkedIn provides more of my professional background.
  • GitHub:  Self explanatory as my personal github account, complete with all of my demo project code.
  • Public Prezis:  Here is a link to my presentations, this will give you copies of my prezi's to review if you want and consider the information they provide.
  • Email Me:  A link to my email if you wish to directly contact me.  
  • CodeProject Profile:  This blog is consumed by CodeProject, a truly fantastic site that has a lot of great articles and I try to contribute regularly.  Here's my profile on that site.
  • Helpful Links:  One of the most visited sections of my course site when I taught was the "Helpful Links" section, which provided a wealth of resources to help people as they work.  Well I have not only brought that feature over, I've upgraded.  I now use a Google Chrome extension called Bookmark Manager, and within that have exposed a whole section of resources as public.  You will find those links here and are welcome to use them as you see fit.
If you have something you would like to contribute or discuss, please feel free to reach out via one of the many options (Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, etc), and I will happily look at it for inclusion in the helpful links, or a post on the facebook page or blog.  I am always looking for new resources to share and would love to continue a dialog of possible resources out there.

Like I said this a short post, but I have more to come, as part of this demo I've gotten to really experiment with API, Mobile, and Logic apps, and I am really excited about the possibilities they provide and look forward to discussing it further with all of you.  

Until then though, I must sleep.