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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Advanced Topics Talk

Well as I posted on my course site.  I am officially closing out the Spring 2015 semester.  This semester was plagued with several scheduling problems, and as a result at times felt a little rushed.  So today I held a "make-up" of my advanced topics class and invited people to meet me at Panera Bread for the discussion.

It was a great talk, and a good time.  And all seemed to enjoy it.  And as promised for a followup I said I would post links to the resources that I discussed:

  • Visual Studio Online:  As I mentioned this provides a fantastic set of project management tools, as well as source control for free to anyone with a Microsoft ID.  This allows for syncing and backing up your work in a way that makes everything easier to manage a team.  
  • Windows Azure:  Microsoft's cloud platform, with loads of free options for supporting web apps, database, and a variety of services.
  • Windows Azure Pricing Calculator:  A great resource for helping to determine how much resources will cost on a monthly basis.  Its all ridiculously cheap but its still nice to know ahead of time an estimated cost.  
  • ShareItSimple:  A startup some friends of mine worked on to help share files in a really simple fashion.  
  • Microsoft Bizspark:  Microsoft's program for startups where if approved will provide free microsoft products and $300 a month in Azure Credit for years.  Great program.  
  • Visual Studio Code:  A new product to install cross platform and work on code, great for light weight operations.  
  • Channel 9:  A collection of instructional videos from microsoft.  
  • Microsoft Virtual Academy:  A variety of training resources by microsoft MVPs.  
  • PluralSight:  A paid for service that has amazing technical resources from some of the biggest names in the technical resources.  
  • Xamarin:  A development tool that lets you leverage C# to build Android and iOS apps that share code making it easier.