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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Busy week and Azure

Hello All, so its been a really crazy week, as I ended up spending the majority of my week getting odd jobs done around the house, and ripping the carpet out of the first floor of our house.  And as my sister-in-law put it "strangely therapeutic", in an odd sort of way.

But more than that, I had a really good week professionally.  Outside of the normal good stuff at work, I also got to enjoy two fun new distractions.  The first being the that I attended our .NET User Group here in Central PA.  And this month the meeting was an open discussion forum.  A chance for developers to come and talk about a variety of topics and solicit feedback from other developers within the group, and discuss best practices.

It was really enlightening to hear the thoughts and feelings of developers around the area, and the different approaches they all use.  We had some interesting discussions about where the industry is headed and overall best practices.  I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would overall.

The other was that I actually got to talk to someone who was looking to make a career change, and we got to discuss the industry from an outsiders perspective.  And got to sort of compare notes and identify things he can do to help facilitate the career change and set himself up for success.  It gave me a lot of ideas for a potential post in the future here that I'm still putting together...more on that later.

But I wanted to post this week about some ideas and discuss a few keys points.  I've been doing a lot of research into Azure lately, and I gotta admit that it is something really fantastic to work with.  So far my experience with it has been quite exceptional.  And I wanted to share some courses I've taken on plural site that I found particularly helpful if you are looking to expand into Azure.

Introduction to Windows Azure Infrastructure as a Service by Vishwas Lele

Windows Azure Storage In-Depth by Alan Smith

Windows Azure Websites by Matt Milner

Windows Azure Service Bus by Scott Seely

SQL Azure by Scott Seely

Fundamentals of Azure Cloud Services and Storage by Matt Milner